Love Lake Wanaka

"No town in New Zealand can boast such beautiful surroundings...Lake Wanaka is the most beautiful Lake in the world" ODT circa 1880

We are proud supporters of the Tiaki Promise and the Tourism Industry Association, Sustainability Commitment.

Sustainability Commitment

We have signed and are on our journey of working towards the NZ Tourism sustainability commitment aims, which are all about working towards a more sustainable Tourism sector.

Here at Wanaka TOP 10 Holiday Park, we are committed to caring for our customers, our staff, our environment and our community.  We believe that visitors to NZ also have a commitment to care for New Zealand also and together, with respect and understanding, we achieve this.

Our Values

Mannakitanga: Showing respect, hospitality, generosity and care for others

Whanaungatanga: We are family.  Sharing experiences together to provide guests with a sense of belonging

Kaitiakitanga: Guardianship and protection of our land, so that future generations can enjoy our beautiful country




Touchstone refers to the lake as ‘an assimilation of all human activity in the surrounding catchment. Lakes are often referred to as ‘touchstones’ of the past.   Engaging locals & visitors in supporting groups that monitor, research and plan for protecting the lake now and in the future. 


NZ has an ambitious goal to eradicate pests from NZ and be Predator Free by 2050.  We support Wanaka Backyard trapping & have a number of pest traps around the park. 

Click Here for more info.


Protecting our waterways, by replanting the banks of streams, rivers, lakes & wetlands.  

Te Kakano Aotearoa Trust is a locally based native plant nursery, providing plants & coordinating planting days.   

For more information & to donate go to Te Kakano Aotearoa Trust.


“taken on a ‘quiet’ day at the park” Our aim is reduce rubbish waste by 10% per year. We need your help.

REFUSE: say no to single use plastic bottles. Our tap water is clean, safe & free

REUSE: where possible

RECYCLE: use our bins to recycle

Our FOOD WASTE is collected and taken to a community compositing scheme. Reduce your food waste.

Have you been to Wastebusters in Wanaka? They are leading the way to zero waste.