We really enjoyed our stay at the Top 10 Holiday Park Wanaka. We loved our family studio and the accessibility to the different facilities within the site. The staff were super helpful and made our stay enjoyable. We look forward to visiting again in the future.

Lavinia Uhila

Absolutely loved staying here! Impressed with everything but would like to mention the smaller things I liked too; the daily WiFi password in te reo Māori and the explanation of the word, the nice presentation of signs and notices, the sanitiser outside the kitchen and bathrooms (thinking about how we have to use the door handle after washing our hands inside), the cleaning stuff in the kitchen, hair dryer rack in bathroom - it's great to see these smaller things done well! There's such a nice atmosphere in the camp, it's great being elevated and getting that view, showers were amazing!

Megan Bennett

The lovely lady who greeted us at reception. She was informative and well spoken and took the time to ensure we knew everything we needed to for our stay to be a success including explaining that there was a shuttle to town available at a couple of times late afternoon so we could head out for a bit of dinner if we wanted to. She was a fantastic person to encounter as an introduction to the park.

Karen Sebire