Million Metres Stream Project

For guests staying longer than one night we provide a daily service of your room. If you opt to skip our service we are committed to donating $2 per service to our chosen local Million Metres Streams Project, ‘Love our Alpine Lakes’.

Million Meters is NZ’s only dedicated programme for connecting local waterway restoration projects with funders.  The mission: to restore at least one million metres of waterways across NZ. 

Regionally, we initially donated to ‘Love Lake Wanaka’ project, with $250.  That project was successfully completed in 2020, with over 3km of natives planted in the region. The next project we have chosen to fund is the “Love our Alpine Lakes Project.”

Our water at the holiday park is supplied by the council to our boundary, however we must pump this water to holding tanks at the top of the park.  Over the past 8 years, we have noticed an increased amount of residue in our filters. This is known as ‘lake snow’ and has caused plenty of problems for other commercial businesses, clogging up shower heads, washing machine filters etc. 

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Our lake is what makes Wanaka so special. With increased intensification of development, and people, sediment and run off, can find its way into the lakes and combined with increasing temperatures, can encourage growth rates of the algae.  Planting helps to reduce contaminates and sediment entering the lake, by stabilising banks of contributing streams and rivers to the lake. 

To date, our ‘skip a service’ scheme has donated $324 to this project.  With the cost of nurturing, planting and caring for a native tree, being $7, we have contributed to planting approx 86 native plants and trees in our local area. 

This is something we want to encourage our guests to learn more about, so if you would like more information about the ‘Love our Alpine Lakes’ project you can visit the website at