Wastebusters Recycling

We think our planet is pretty awesome so we do our bit to help take care of it in any way we can.

One of those ways is recycling, specifically with our friends over at Wastebusters, our local recycling and refuse station here in Wanaka. 

Wastebusters has been specialising in real recycling for 21 years now, so you can have confidence that:

  • All the recycling you send us will be made into new things 
  • Glass and plastic bottles/containers are recycled onshore
  • Every cent of revenue earned by Wastebusters goes towards providing zero waste advice and solutions for our community
Some of the reasons we love Wastebusters are:

1. Real Recycling
Their recycling is hand sorted with care to ensure all of their processors meet a high-quality standard, and can therefore be made back into new products - how neat!

2. Friendly Locals
Wastebusters have been around a while - over 20 years in fact - which means their 50+ local employees know our area and what works well for our community.

3. Working for the Community

They are a not-for-profit social enterprise that is proudly community-owned. This means they have more time for the things that matter, such as their zero waste work in schools, workshops, audits and advice, and sponsorship programs.

If you're interested in learning more about the awesome work Wastebusters does for our community, click here.